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Myths and misconceptions about bladder health abound, especially those surrounding leakage after sneezing, surgery, and Kegels, the exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles.

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Are You Celebrating World Menopause Day on October 18?

World Menopause Day began in 1984, making this year's international celebration the 30th annual day of recognition for hot flashes, night sweats and everything else menopausal. The World Health Organization and International Menopause Society instituted this tradition to encourage education and awareness of this pervasive, yet still taboo, topic.

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Can I Get Pregnant During Menopause? How to Prevent an Oops Baby During this Transition

A number of women look forward to menopause with glee, as they no longer have to worry about birth control. But knowing exactly when it is safe to stop birth control can be tricky business. As long as you are still ovulating from time to time there is the potential for pregnancy. And as long as you are on hormonal birth control, like the pill, menopausal symptoms may be masked to where you cannot tell that you are going through the transition. If you are not using any hormonal birth control (including the progesterone IUD) and have not had a period for a full year, it is probably safe to assume you can't get pregnant. But what to do in the interim?

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